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Birman Cat NamesBirman is a gorgeous cat breed with medium-long hair, a pale colored body with darker points and deep blue eyes. They always have white gloves on their paws. Birman is known as the "Scared Cat of Burma", but in fact it is originated in French. When naming a Birman cat, you can consider the color of its coat, it can be seal, chocolate, blue, red, lilac cream or tabby. Check out our Birman cat names list here and get your own inspirations.

AbbaFather MaleHebrew
Abelbreath, childMaleHebrew
Abigail GabbleGoose from the AristoCats Female
Ace Of SpadesMaleHebrew
AdinaSlender. FemaleHebrew
AdrielFrom God's congregation MaleHebrew
AdriyelOf God's flock Male
Alex"defending men"MaleEnglish
Alicia SpinnetGryffindor chaser. Female
AlisaHappy FemaleHebrew
Altairbird, starMaleArabic
Amelia GabbleGoose from the AristoCats Female
AmourFrench for loveUnisex
AnamarieGrace or bitter Female
AndreaFeminine form of Andrew manly FemaleItalian
AnnikaNamed after most powerful Goddess in Hinduism. FemaleSwedish
AppleA firm round red or green fruit. Also one that is treasured - the apple of my eye.FemaleNature
Armandof the armyMale

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