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Famous Cat NamesAs one of the characters in the movie, newspapers and cartoon books, some of the famous cats became household names to us. If you are the fan of the famous cats, you can name your kitten with the famous cat name, this makes you live with the famous cats. Check out the below famous cat names at icatnames.com, and just pick up your favourite cat name for your kitten.

AbbyMy father rejoices. Biblical: the name of King David's third wife described as good in discretion and beautiful in form. FemaleEnglish
AbrahamMeaniing Father of a multitude Abraham the first of the Old Testament patriarchs. God changed it from Abram when He appointed him to be the father of the Hebrew nation. MaleHebrew
AlphaFirst BornFemaleGreek
AmandaLovable FemaleLatin
AndyGreek, "strong and manly"MaleEnglish
Angussuperb, uniqueMaleAnglicized
Ariellioness of godFemaleHebrew
ArthurStrong as a rock, noble, follower of ThorMaleCeltic
AshantiGreat African WomanFemaleAfrican
AustinFrom Augustine - Exalted oneMaleEnglish
Ayesha3rd wife of MohammedFemaleEnglish
Azraelhelp of GodMaleHebrew
BabeA baby. Slang for young womanFemaleWord
BabyA young animal. An object or personal concern or indulgenceUnisex
BastOf The City Of BubastisUnisexAfrican
BastetEgyptian cat-goddessUnisex
BennyBlessed Son Of My Right HandUnisexEnglish
Berliozafter a kitten in the movie AristocatsMale

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