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German Cat NamesDo you own a german rex breed cat? it is well known that it is originated in Germany. Do you want to name it with a german cat name? It is a really cool idea, german names is really interesting. We have collected most of the german cat names here, they are inspirated by the famous german people and places. Check them out and enjoy!

Abelbreath, childMaleHebrew
Abelardresolute, keeper of the abbey larderMale
Adahappy, ornamentFemale
AdelinaSweet or noble FemaleItalian
AdiJewelUnisexNative American
Agathagood, kindFemaleGreek
AikoLove, beloved one, little loveFemaleJapanese
AlarickNoble leader Male
AlarikNoble leader Male
Albertnoble and brightMaleEnglish
AlbrechtNoble, BrightUnisexGerman
AlfEnglish, "wise counselor"MaleEnglish
Alinabright, beautifulFemaleSlavic
AlixVariation Of Alexander. Defender Of Mankind.FemaleFrench
Alva"his highness"MaleHebrew
Amadeusafter MozartMaleLatin
AmaliaIndustrious. Striving. FemaleLatinized
AngelaAngel FemaleLatin
Angelikaafter Angelika Foster-GoodingUnisex

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