Sphynx Cat Names, Hairless Cat Names

Sphynx Cat NamesSphynx is a breed of cat originated in Canada, it is known for its lack of a coat. Sphynx cat is rare for its hairless coat, it is very strong. If you want to name a Sphynx kitten, you can think about these special features. Check out these below cat names for your ideas.

Aberforth DumbledoreUnisex
Ace Of ClubsUnisex
AdairFrom the oak tree ford. MaleScottish
AdelaPleasant: Of the nobility. Noble. Female
AdinaSlender. FemaleHebrew
AgerGathers Male
AindreasStrong Male
AingealAngel Female
AkuaQueen of the leader. Wise. Female
Albus DumbledoreUnisex
AlexandreaFeminine of Alexander. Defender of mankind. Female
AlmaSpanish for soulFemaleLatin
AmataDearly loved FemaleItalian
AmberA hard brownish-yellow fossil resin, precious jewelFemaleWord
AmbrosioDivine Male
Amethysta precious stoneFemale
AmosBrave MaleHebrew
AndreManly; Brave. Variant Of English Andrew.MaleFrench
AndreasStrong & ManlyMaleGreek

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