Birman Cat Names, Page 2

AvaCute and short girl kitten name. FemaleLatin
BaldrickPrincely ruler.Male
BaneA centaur. Male
BansheeFemale fairy spirit from Irish Gaelic folklore.Unisex
Barnabasso named for Barnabas Collins of Dark ShadowsMaleAramaic
Bathilda BagshotAuthor of A History of Magic. Female
BeauHandsome. Male
BeautyOne that is beautiful, especially a womanFemale
BedwyrArthurian legend name Male
BeelzebubBee EL zah BUBUnisex
Belanamed after Bela Lugosi and pronounced: BAY-laMaleCzech
BellaBeautiful FemaleEnglish
BellaBeautiful FemaleEnglish
BelleBeautiful womanFemaleShort
Bilbo BagginsOne of the hobbits in J.R. Tolkien's novels. Male
BillieDetermination: strength. A nickname for William. FemaleEnglish
BingFrom the kettle shaped hollow Male
BiscuitA cookie or crackerUnisex
Bladeglory, The expanded part of a leaf, particularly grassesMaleWord
BoNickname made popular by actress Bo Derek. MaleNorse

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