Scottish Cat Names, Cat Names of Scottish Origin

Scottish Cat NamesThere are several cat breeds originated in Scottland such as Scottish Fold cat, so you can find lots of Scottish cat names. Scottish cat names are inspired by Scottish culture and language, for instance the character in the history, place names, etc. If you have a Scottish breed cat or you just like Scottish culture, come on and choose a perfect Scottish cat name for your kitten.

AdairFrom the oak tree ford. MaleScottish
Agnespure, virginalFemaleGreek
AindreasStrong Male
Akiraanchor, IntelligentFemaleJapanese
Alastairprotector of mankind, defender, helperMaleEnglish
AlisonGerman, nobleFemale
Alistairdefending warriorMaleEnglish
AllieOf Noble BirthFemaleGerman
AndersonSon Of AndrewMaleScottish
Andrewmanly, valiant, courageousMaleGreek
Angussuperb, uniqueMaleAnglicized
AnnabelBeautiful GraceFemaleScottish
ArchibaldBold MaleTeutonic
ArchieOne who is bold MaleEnglish
Argylean Irishman, from the land of the GaelsMaleScottish
Armstrongstrong armsMaleEnglish
BannerFlag; Ensign Bearer.MaleScottish
Barclaybirch meadowMaleEnglish
BarrieFair-haired. FemaleFeminine

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