Orange Cat Names, Names for Orange Kittens

Orange Cat NamesMany people want a bright and sunny orange cat, for example ginger cat, or the celebrity movie cat Garfield, their coat color makes you feels warm. The color of the orange cat can range in hue from a light, bright orange to burnt, dark orange. We collected most of the cat names inspirated by the color orange and any orange things, such as tiger, orange, pumpkin, carrot etc. Check out and enjoy!

Ace Of ClubsUnisex
Adolfinanoble wolf, noble heroFemale
AhaveDearly loved Female
AingealAngel Female
AkiliIntelligent. Female
AlaniOrange TreeFemaleHawaiian
AleshaneeShe plays all the time Female
AlleneBeautiful Female
AmariiGiven by God. Male
AmberA hard brownish-yellow fossil resin, precious jewelFemaleWord
AmiriPrince Male
AnaGrace FemaleEnglish
AnatieA singer Female
AngelaAngel FemaleLatin
AnubisRoyal ChildFemaleGreek
AppleA firm round red or green fruit. Also one that is treasured - the apple of my eye.FemaleNature
ApricotEdible yellow orange fruit.Unisex
Argus FilchUnisex
ArlenOath MaleIrish
ArnoldThe eagle rules. MaleEnglish
Arthur WeasleyRon's father, head of Misuse of Muggle Artifacts. Male

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