Birman Cat Names, Page 6

DivaDivine one FemaleLatin
Dolores Jane UmbridgeSenior Undersecretary to Minister. Female
Doogie MouserLike Doogie Howser Male
Dorcas MeadowesUnisex
Doris CrockfordWoman at the Leaky Cauldron. Female
DrusillaCourageous, ValianFemaleHebrew
EarnestSerious: determined. Male
EbonyA tropical tree of southern Asia with hard, dark woodFemaleEnglish
EddyAbbreviation of names beginning with Ed- like Edward and Edmond. MaleEnglish
EdwardGuardian MaleEnglish
EdwardoProsperous guardian. Male
Ellabeautiful fairy woman, allFemale
Elroyred-haired youth. MaleEnglish
ElviraMistress Of The DarkFemaleSpanish
Elviraimpartial judgement, closeFemaleSpanish
EmeraldThe prized green emerald gemstone. Female
EmperorMale ruler of an empireMale
EvelynLife FemaleEnglish
EvrardStrong as a boar Male
FalaCrowUnisexNative American
FalkenSurname relating to falconry. Male

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