Birman Cat Names, Page 12

LeroyThe king. Male
Lewis And ClarkMaleHebrew
LexusEnglish variation of Alexios, defending menMaleGreek
Liberty And JusticeUnisexHebrew
Lil BitMaleHebrew
LilyLily FemaleEnglish
Lily PotterHarry's mother who was also killed by Lord Voldemort. Female
LiseAbbreviation of Elisabeth. My God is bountiful:God of plenty: devoted to God. Female
LissaHoney FemaleAfrican
LorraineFrom Lorraine Female
Louisfamed warriorMale
LucianoForm of Luke. Light: illumination. MaleItalian
Lucylight: illumination. FemaleEnglish
Ludo BagmanWrongly accused of being a Death Eater. Male
Luna LovegoodRavenclaw student. Female
LurchTo stagger.Unisex
LutherRenowned warrior. Male
LynnA cascade MaleWelsh
LyubovLove. Alternate Spellings: Lyuba or Luba. Female
MacinnesSon of the unique choice Male

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