Abel: Meaning of cat name Abel

Pronunciation: [A-bel]

Gender of Abel: Male

Meaning of Abel: breath, child

Origin of Abel: Hebrew

Variant Forms:

AbeFather Of A MultitudeMaleHebrew

Famous Cats Named Abel:

Mehitabel: A singing alley cat in the animation Shinbone Alley who dreams of being a star and befriends Archy.

Mehitabel: An alley cat who is the best friend of the cockroach Archy in the book Archy and Mehitabel.

Famous People Named Abel:

Patti LaBelle is an American singer, actress and author.

Izabella Scorupco is the famous model-actor and singer known for her role in the Bond movie ‘Golden Eye’ and her hit singles ‘Shame, Shame, Shame’ and ‘Substitute’.

Isabel Allende is a Chilean-American writer.

Abel Tasman was a Dutch explorer who discovered New Zealand.

Abel Ferrara is a renowned American film director, screenwriter and actor.

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