Birman Cat Names, Page 10

Irisrainbow, a play of coloursFemale
IsabellCommitted to God. Female
Isabellepledged to GodFemale
Itty Bitty KittyFemaleHebrew
IzzySalvation By GodMaleEnglish
JaguarLarge Spotted FelineMaleEnglish
JaioneReference to the Nativity Female
JasminA flower name from the older form Jessamine. Female
JavieraOwns a new house FemaleSpanish
JeraldoVariant of Gerald Rules by the spear. Male
JeremiasExalted of the Lord Male
JerraldVariant of Gerald Rules by the spear. Male
JetA deep black colour. Aircraft engine that propels an aircraft forward by expelling exhaust gases toward the rear.MaleMineral
JohnnieModern feminine of John and Jon. MaleEnglish
JorgeSpanish form of George farmer MaleSpanish
JorieGod will uplift FemaleEnglish
JosephineGod will increaseFemale
JuniorYouthful person. Used to distinguish son from father where they have the same nameMaleLatin

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