December Cat Names, Names For December Kittens

December Cat NamesDecember is the last month of the year, and it is filled with holidays, The Christmas Day and The New Year is coming. The celebrations and the presence of family ensure that there are plenty of reasons for you to be happy in this month. If you adopt a kitty in December, you could consider choosing a December-inspired name for your little bundle of joy.

Aaronshining light, high mountain, messengerMaleHebrew
Abelbreath, childMaleHebrew
Abigail"my father is joyful"FemaleHebrew
Adahappy, ornamentFemale
Adamearth, created by GodMaleHebrew
AddieNoble, KindFemaleEnglish
Adelaidenoble kind, adornedFemaleVariant
Alaskagreat landFemaleNative
Alaskagreat landFemaleNative
Alex"defending men"MaleEnglish
AliceTruth, nobleFemale
AlisaHappy FemaleHebrew
Alvinelf wine, noble friendMaleEnglish
AlyssaVariant of Alice. FemaleEnglish
AmbrosioDivine Male
AngelAngel MaleWord
AnnaArthur's sister FemaleGreek
ArthurStrong as a rock, noble, follower of ThorMaleCeltic
Aureliathe golden oneFemaleLatin
Barbaraforeign, strange, exotic, mysteriousFemaleLatin
BellaBeautiful FemaleEnglish

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