Anna: Meaning of cat name Anna

Pronunciation: [A-nna]

Gender of Anna: Female

Meaning of Anna: Arthur's sister

Origin of Anna: Greek

Hebrew for God has favored me.

Variant Forms:

AnaGrace FemaleEnglish
AnnGrace, MercyFemaleEnglish
AnnabethVariant Of Anne. Biblical; Devout Woman Who Saw Infant Jesus Presented At The Temple In Jerusalem.FemaleEnglish
AnnikaNamed after most powerful Goddess in Hinduism. FemaleSwedish
NaniHawaiin for beautifulUnisex

Famous People Named Anna:

Lucius Annaeus Seneca was a Roman philosopher and statesman.

Kofi Annan was the seventh secretary general of the United Nations.

Hannah Whelan was the famous British gymnast, Hannah Whelan known for her performances in the British Championships and her humble nature.

Arianna Huffington is a popular Greek-American author, commentator and a syndicated columnist.

Anna Paquin is a Kiwi film, theatre and television actress known for her roles in movies like ‘The Piano’, ‘Fly Away Home’, and ‘X-Men.

Anna Lee was an English actress, best known for her role of ‘Lila Quartermaine’ in the T.

Anna Kournikova is a retired Russian professional tennis player.

Anna Katharine Green was an American poet and novelist, famously dubbed as the ‘Mother of the detective novel’.

Anna Julia Cooper was an American educator and writer who crusaded for the upliftment of African-American women.

Anna Jameson was a British author known for her travel memoirs which give an account of her amazing journeys and vivid experiences.

Anna Howard Shaw was a leader of the women's suffrage movement in the United States.

Anna Held was a French stage performer best known for her association with impresario Florenz Ziegfeld.

Anna Hazare is a renowned Indian social activist.

Anna Harrison was the wife of the ninth President of the United States, William Henry Harrison.

Anna Freud was an Austrian psychologist, a pioneer in the field of child psychoanalysis.

Anna Faris is an American comic actress, who catapulted to fame for her role in ‘Scary Movie film series’.

Anna Comnena was the Greek princess and scholar who wrote the ‘Alexiad’.

Anna Chicherova is a Russian high jumper who won the gold medal at 2012 London Olympics.

Anna Bessonova is a Ukrainian former individual rhythmic gymnast.

Anna Ancher was a part of the famous association of Danish painters, the Skagen Group. She was a pioneer among women artists whose legacy also stems from her works.

Alannah Myles is a famous singer and lyricist hailing from Canada and is known for her chartbusters songs like ‘Black Velvet’ and ‘Rockinghorse’.

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