December Cat Names, Page 6

Northfrom the northMaleWord
Odileprospers in battleFemale
Olympiaof Mount Olympus, heavenlyFemaleGreek
QuentinFifth. MaleLatin
RalphRed wolf MaleEnglish
RalphRed wolf MaleEnglish
RobinFamed: bright: shining Form of Robert popular since the medieval days of Robin Hood. Robinson: (English) Son of Robert Famed: bright: shining. Surname. Male
SadiePrincess FemaleEnglish
SaraArabic form of Sarah FemaleEnglish
SarahPrincess FemaleHebrew
Selmagodly helmetFemale
ShawnGod is graciousMaleSpelling
SherwinFrom The Bright ForestMaleEnglish
SnowFrozen crystals that fall in soft, white flakesFemaleEnglish
StarA celestial body that emits light. A famous performer.FemaleWord
StarA celestial body that emits light. A famous performer.FemaleWord
StefanoCrown of laurels MaleItalian
Stellaa starFemaleLatin
Stellaa starFemaleLatin
Stephaniegarland, crownFemaleGreek

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