Josephine: Meaning of cat name Josephine

Pronunciation: [Jo-se-phine]

Gender of Josephine: Female

Meaning of Josephine: God will increase

Origin of Josephine:

Jehovah increases. Made famous by Napoleon's famous Empress Josephine.

Variant Forms:

FifiJehovah increasesFemale
JoVariation of Johanna, God is graciousFemaleEnglish
JoeyAbbreviation of Joseph. Male
JoeyAbbreviation of Joseph. Male
JoseeGod Will IncreaseUnisexFrench
JosefinaGod Will IncreaseUnisexSpanish
JosephinaGod Will IncreaseUnisexLatin
JosetteJehovah increasesFemale
JoseyGod Will IncreaseUnisexEnglish
JosieFrom Josephine - She shall add.FemaleEnglish
Poseya bunch of flowersFemaleEnglish

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