Scottish Cat Names, Page 6

GlenFrom The GlenMaleWelsh
Gordonfrom the cornered hillMaleScottish
Grahamgravelly homesteadMaleScottish
GrantBestow or great: tall. The American General and president Ulysses S. Grant. Surname. MaleScottish
Hamiltonafter the american politician Alexander HamiltonMaleEnglish
HamishEquivalent of Jacob - To fill the place of another.MaleScottish
HannahFrom Anne - Full of grace of GodFemaleHebrew
HigginsIntelligent Male
Houstonhill townMaleScottish
Hughbright in mind and spiritMaleEnglish
IanForm of JohnMaleScottish
Ionaflower name, purple jewelFemaleScottish
Irvinghandsome, fairMaleScottish
Ivaryew wood, archerMaleNorse
JacksonSon of JackMaleEnglish
JackyGod Is GraciousUnisexEnglish
Jameesupplanter, one who replacesUnisex
JamesFrom Jacob - To fill the place of another, supplanter.MaleEnglish
JamieFeminine of JamesFemaleScottish
JanetVariant of JaneFemaleEnglish

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