Scottish Cat Names, Page 8

KyrkChurch Male
KyrksenChurch. Male
LachieThe boy from the Lochs. Warrior. Male
LachlanFrom the land of lakes. MaleScottish
LaineFrom the long meadow Male
LainieServes John FemaleEnglish
LamontMan Of LawMaleScottish
Lennoxamid the lems, from the field of elm treesMaleScottish
LeoLion. MaleLatin
LesleeDerived From Name Of A Prominent Scottish Clan Leslie.UnisexScottish
Lesliedweller in the gray castle; small meadowFemaleScottish
Lindsaypool island; linden islandFemaleEnglish
LivingstoneFrom Livingston Male
Loganlittle hollowMaleScottish
Lornaof LorneFemaleEnglish
LuluPet form of the names Louise or Louella. FemaleEnglish
MacSon of MaleScottish
MacaulaySon of Olaf MaleScottish
MacbethSon of Beth Male
MacduffSon Of The Black ManUnisexScottish
MacgillivraySon of the servant of judgment Male

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