Scottish Cat Names, Page 3

Campbellbeautiful fieldFemaleScottish
CarltonFree men's town. Male
CarlyleCarl's islandUnisex
Carolinestrong, melody, songFemale
CarsonSon of Carr MaleIrish
ChrissieAnointed, Follower Of ChristUnisexEnglish
ChrissyAbbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ. Female
Christiea ChristianFemaleEnglish
ChristyGreek and Latin, bearer of ChristMaleGreek
ClydeNature nameMaleScottish
CobySupplanter, RepresentativeMaleEnglish
ColinStrong and virile; victorious army; youth, child, victorMaleEnglish
Coreyraven, from the hollowMaleIrish
Coryfrom the hollowMaleIrish
CromwellLives By The Winding StreamUnisexEnglish
CunninghamFrom CunninghamUnisexScottish
DallasDwells by the waterfall MalePlace-name
DalyellFrom the little field Male
DalzielFrom the little field MaleScottish
DamhOx Male
DarachOak Male
DarachaFrom the oak Female
DaveDavid's son MaleShort

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