LaPerm Cat Names, Names For Curly-Haired Laperm Kittens

LaPerm Cat NamesThe LaPerm is a rex breed which originated in the United States and is now present in many other countries worldwide. The breed is genetically unique and not related to any other rex cat varieties, having a dominant gene causing their curly coats. LaPerms have the tightest curls being on the belly, throat and base of the ears, and they come in many colors and patterns. They have an elegant and athletic build and are affectionate, active and outgoing in character. Their most significant feature is their coat, which is made up of soft waves, curls and ringlets, resembling a shaggy perm. Laperm cat names are usually inspired by their unique curly hair feature, check out our collection of Laperm cat names for your male or female kittens.

Aaronshining light, high mountain, messengerMaleHebrew
Adamearth, created by GodMaleHebrew
Aidajoyful, helper, rewardFemaleArabic
Aidanhelp, little fireMaleIrish
AineArdent FemaleIrish
Aishaliving, prosperousFemaleArabic
Ajapronounced AsiaMaleHindi
AkamaiHawaiian for smartUnisex
AlexandraFeminine of Alexander. Defender of mankind. FemaleGreek
AllredWise Red-Haired ManUnisexEnglish
AnnaArthur's sister FemaleGreek
AnniePrayer FemaleEnglish
Anthony"priceless one"MaleLatin
ArthurStrong as a rock, noble, follower of ThorMaleCeltic
AugustinRevered, ExaltedMaleFrench
BeauHandsome. Male
Benjaminson of my right handMaleHebrew
Bowieafter David BowieMaleScottish
Carolinestrong, melody, songFemale
CassidyClever: Curly-headed. FemaleIrish
ChanceFrench for luckMale
Chasehunter, To follow or go in pursuitMale
Clairebright, clearFemale
Colbycoal townMaleEnglish

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