Benjamin: Meaning of cat name Benjamin

Pronunciation: [Ben-ja-min]

Gender of Benjamin: Male

Meaning of Benjamin: son of my right hand

Origin of Benjamin: Hebrew

Son of my right hand.

Variant Forms:

Benjiafter the movieUnisex
BennieBlessed Son Of My Right HandUnisexEnglish
BennyBlessed Son Of My Right HandUnisexEnglish
Bibilady of the houseFemale

Famous People Named Benjamin:

Walter Benjamin was a German philosopher, literary critic, essayist, writer and social critic.

Benjamin Spock was an American pediatrician, most noted as the author of one of the bestselling nonfiction books of all time ‘Baby and Child Care’.

Benjamin Rush was a Founding Father of the United States.

Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first president of Nigeria.

Benjamin Netanyahu is an Israeli politician currently serving as the Prime Minister of Israel.

Benjamin Lincoln was a major general in the Continental Army.

Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd president of United States and the grandson of William Henry Harrison, 9th president of United States.

Benjamin Graham was a renowned American economist who brought the idea of value investing for the first time.

Benjamin Franklin was a multi-talented personality.

Benjamin Disraeli is a British politician and writer who twice served as the Prime Minister of the country.

Benjamin Cardozo was an eminent American jurist who contributed significantly towards the development of ‘common law’ in United States.

Benjamin Britten is considered one of the greatest composers of the 20th century.

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