French Cat Names, Page 14

JosephineGod will increaseFemale
JosetteJehovah increasesFemale
JovanJove-like, majesticMaleSlavic
JoyFrom Joyce - Gay and joyfulFemaleWord
Joyceafter James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, Irish writer and poetFemaleLatin
Julesyouthful; soft, downyMale
JuliaYouthful FemaleLatin
JulieYouthful: Jove's child. A feminine of Julian. Female
Juliusafter Julius CaesarMaleLatin
Karicurly hairMaleNorse
KlaraClear, BrightUnisexScandinavian
LaceFrom Lassy, NormandyUnisexEnglish
LacyDerived from Lacey which is a French Nobleman's surname brought to British Isles after Norman conquest. Male
LafayetteHound Dog from the AristoCats Male
Lanceknight's attendant; landMaleEnglish
LancelotKnight of Arthur and lover of Guinevere Male
LangleyResidence NameMaleEnglish
LauncelotKnight of Arthur and lover of Guinevere Male
LaurelLaurel FemaleLatin
LavernWoodland. Female

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