French Cat Names, Page 12

HenriRuler Of The HomeUnisexFrench
HenriettaKeeper of the hearth. Rules her household. Feminine of Henry. FemaleFeminine
Henryruler of the homeMale
Herbertfamous armyMale
HollyHoly FemaleEnglish
Hortenseof the gardenFemaleLatin
Hubertbright, shining intellectMale
Hughbright in mind and spiritMaleEnglish
HugoIntelligent MaleLatinized
IrenePeace FemaleGreek
Isabeaufrom the movie LadyHawkeFemale
Isabellepledged to GodFemale
JacalynFeminine of Jacques derived from James and Jacob. Female
JacintheHyacinth. Female
JacqualineFeminine of Jacques derived from James and Jacob. Female
JacquelinFrench form of Jacob Male
JacquelineFeminine form of Jacques Female
JacquelynFeminine of Jacques derived from James and Jacob. Female
JamesFrom Jacob - To fill the place of another, supplanter.MaleEnglish
JasminA flower name from the older form Jessamine. Female
JasperBlack stone MalePersian
JasperBlack stone MalePersian

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