French Cat Names, Page 7

ComfortTo Comfort, StrengthenMaleEnglish
Corbinfrom the movie The Fifth ElementMaleLatin
Cosettelittle thingFemale
Courtneyfrom the courtFemale
Crescentone who createsFemale
CurcioCourteous Male
Curtiscourteous, politeMale
Cyranofrom cyreneMaleGreek
DamienCalm, TameUnisexFrench
DanielleGod is my judge FemaleHebrew
Darcy from ArcyMaleEnglish
Daxfrom Deep Space NineMale
DelaineFrom the elder tree grove. Male
DelaneFrom the elder tree grove. Male
DelanoFrom the elder tree grove. Male
DenisMountain Of ZeusUnisexFrench
DennisNamed for Saint Denys Male
Denvergreen valleyMaleEnglish
Desireedesired, wishedFemale
DestryVariant of a French surname. American classic western film Destry Rides Again. MaleEnglish

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