Amish Cat Names, Page 3

GabrielGod is my strength MaleHebrew
GertrudeStrong SpearFemaleDutch
Graceafter Grace KellyFemale
GretaFemale Female
HannahFrom Anne - Full of grace of GodFemaleHebrew
HarleyOld English for Army Meadow. From the hare meadowFemaleEnglish
HarrisonSon of Harry Surname. MaleEnglish
HenriettaKeeper of the hearth. Rules her household. Feminine of Henry. FemaleFeminine
Henryruler of the homeMale
HonorHonor Female
HopeHope Female
HopeHope Female
HunterA hunter. One who searches for somethingMaleEnglish
IkeHebrew, laughterMaleEnglish
IrenePeace FemaleGreek
Irisrainbow, a play of coloursFemale
Isaaclaughing oneMaleHebrew
IvanForm of JohnMaleRussian
Ivyivy plant, a wineFemalePlant
JacobThe supplanter, held by the heelMaleHebrew
JacquelineFeminine form of Jacques Female
JamesFrom Jacob - To fill the place of another, supplanter.MaleEnglish
Janegracious, merciful, God is graciousFemaleEnglish

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