Amish Cat Names, Page 6

OliverThe olive tree. The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity. Extending an olive branch signifies an offer of peace. MaleLatin
OttoBorn eighth or wealthy Male
PatrickPatrician: noble. Romans society was divided into plebeians: (commoners) and patricians: (aristocrats). Saint Patrick - patron saint of Ireland. MaleLatin
PenelopeDream weaver FemaleGreek
PeterA rock. Peter the biblical fisherman and apostle had impulsive nature and rocklike faith. In Catholic tradition he is the first pope. MaleGreek
Rachelfrom the TV sitcom FriendsFemaleHebrew
RaymondGuards wisely. Male
Rebeccabound, tiedFemaleHebrew
ReubenBehold a sonMaleHebrew
Romancitizen of RomeMaleLatin
RoseFlower FemaleLatin
Royregal one, Red hairedMale
Ruthcompassionate friendFemaleHebrew
SadiePrincess FemaleEnglish
Samuelhis name is GodMaleHebrew
SaraArabic form of Sarah FemaleEnglish
SarahPrincess FemaleHebrew
SethThe appointed by GodMaleHebrew
Simonhe who hearsMaleHebrew

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