Amish Cat Names, Page 4

JeremiahExalted of the Lord MaleHebrew
JodieFrom Judith - Admired and praisedUnisex
JohnGod is mercifulMaleHebrew
JonahDove. In the bible Jonah was on board a ship God caused to sink: sailors traditionally use the name Jonah to personify someone who brings bad luck. MaleHebrew
JonasDove. Variant of Hebrew Jonah. MaleGreek
JonathanGod givesMaleHebrew
JonesGod Will BringMaleWelsh
JosephGod will increaseMaleHebrew
JoshuaGod is salvation MaleHebrew
Joyceafter James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, Irish writer and poetFemaleLatin
JusticeJust, FairnessFemaleEnglish
Justinejust, trueFemale
KatieVariant of Katherine. Pure. FemaleEnglish
KingKing's field. King is one of several titles occasionally used as given names. MaleEnglish
LarryAbbreviation of Lawrence or Laurence often used as an independent name. MaleEnglish
LavernWoodland. Female
Leahcow, weary one; glad tidings; mistress, rulerFemaleHebrew
LeroyThe king. Male
Lucaman from LucaniaMaleItalian

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