Ivan: Meaning of cat name Ivan

Pronunciation: [I-van]

Gender of Ivan: Male

Meaning of Ivan: Form of John

Origin of Ivan: Russian

Variant Forms:

VanGod Is GraciousMaleEnglish

Famous People Named Ivan:

Louis Sullivan was a pioneering architect who is known as the "father of skyscrapers" and "father of modernism".

Ivana Trump is a former model, socialite and a businesswoman who was once married to business tycoon Donald Trump.

Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist who won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.

Ivan Meštrović was a Croatian architect and sculptor.

Ivan Gašparovič was President of Slovakia from 2004 to 2014.

Ivan Cankar is known as the father of modern Slovene theater in his nation, as his works aimed to protect his native culture.

Arthur Sullivan was a great English composer who was regarded as the greatest young talent in England.

Anne Sullivan was a coach in Radcliffe College.

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