Abyssinian Cat Names, Page 7

EwartHardy: brave. Male
Ezekielstrength of GodMaleHebrew
FaeFairy Variant of Faith. Confidence: trust: belief. Female
FaganJoyful Male
FalkeSurname relating to falconry. Male
FanchonFree Female
Farrahbeautiful, wild assFemaleArabic
FatinahCaptivating Female
Fawna young deerFemaleNature
FerranAdventurous. Note: This Database is Copyright Dogwood Technical Services Inc.1995. Male
FlameA glowing mass of burning gas or vaporMaleWord
Florenceafter Florence NightingaleFemaleLatin
FluffyCovered with fluff, Soft, light and airy.Unisex
ForbesHeadstrong MaleScottish
FoxyResembling a fox. Slang for sexyFemaleWord
FracoWeak Male
FrankieDiminutive of Frank Free: a free man. Frankie is occasionally used for girls. Male
FranklinFree man: landholder. MaleEnglish
FredericoPeaceful ruler. Male
FriscoAbbreviation of Francisco Free: a free man. MaleEnglish

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