Abyssinian Cat Names, Page 11

KenyaAnimal HornFemaleHebrew
KeyaraBeautiful river. Female
KhariQueenly: Joyful Song: Born to rule and bring joy. Female
Kiaseason's beginningFemaleAfrican
KianaVariant of Kian. Ancient. FemaleModern
KingstonFrom the king's village or estate King's field. King is one of several titles occasionally used as given names. MaleEnglish
KiraDark Lady. FemaleRussian
KitNickname for Christopher. Frontiersman Kit Carson. MaleEnglish
Kofiborn on FridayMaleAfrican
Kushson of RamaUnisex
KyrkChurch Male
LachieThe boy from the Lochs. Warrior. Male
LancelotKnight of Arthur and lover of Guinevere Male
LatifaPleasant, GentleUnisexArabic
LaurelLaurel FemaleLatin
LavenderLavender, A Purple FlowerFemaleEnglish
Laverne and ShirleyFemaleHebrew
LaverniaBorn in the spring Female
Li LiFemale

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