Abyssinian Cat Names, Page 17

RudyFrom Rudolph - Famous wolfMale
Ruebus HagridUnisex
Saharathe moon . The world's largest desert situated in northern Africa.FemaleArabic
SalemPeace MaleHebrew
Salt And PepperUnisex
Samson And DelilahUnisexHebrew
SavannahFrom the open plain FemaleSpanish
ScarletScarlet coloured, deep redFemaleColor
Scarlett And RhettUnisexHebrew
Search And DestroyUnisexHebrew
SebastianAn august personMaleLatin
SesameSmall flat seeds used as food or source of cooking oil.FemaleWord
ShadowA rough, dark image cast by an object blocking the sun's raysFemaleEnglish
Shebafrom ShebaFemaleHebrew
ShellyFrom the ledge meadow Female
SherylModern invented name, variation of Cherie, French, darlingFemaleEnglish
Sibyll TrelawneyUnisex
SiennaA clay like earthy reddish brownFemaleItalian
SierraDark Feminine of Ciaran. FemaleSpanish

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