Abyssinian Cat Names, Page 10

JennyDiminutive of Jane and Jennifer. FemaleEnglish
JennyDiminutive of Jane and Jennifer. FemaleEnglish
JericoCity of the moon. Variant of Hebrew Jericho. Male
JeroldVariant of Gerald Rules by the spear. Male
JerroldVariant of Gerald Rules by the spear. Male
JewelJewel FemaleWord
Jezebelfollower of idolsFemaleHebrew
JoelleJehovah is God Female
JoellenJehovah is God. Feminine of Joel. Female
JohnnVariant of the Hebrew John Jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor. Male
JulianJove's child. Form of Julius and family clan name of several powerful Roman emperors. Biblical Roman centurion Julius saved Paul's life during a hazardous voyage MaleEnglish
KalinaFlower Female
KamForm of Cameron crooked nose. Male
KandyCutie Male
KarmaFate or destiny (Hinduism and Buddhism)FemaleHindi
Katosecond of twinsMaleAfrican
KeiferBarrelmaker Variation of Cooper. Surname. Male
Kenneth TowlerHad O.W.L. breakdown. Male

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