Vowel Cat Names, Kitten Names Start With A Vowel

Vowel Cat NamesVowel cat names are boy kitten names and girl kitten names that start with vowels. These names are growing the most in popularity. Here comes our collection of the coolest cat names begin with vowels such as A, E, I, O, and U. The most popular vowel girl kitten names are Emily, Emma, and Isabella. Boy kitten names that begin with a vowel are not so popular as girl names, but they are more common today, for instance Andrew, Ethan, Anthony, and Austin.

Aaronshining light, high mountain, messengerMaleHebrew
Abelbreath, childMaleHebrew
Abigail"my father is joyful"FemaleHebrew
Abnerfather of lightMaleHebrew
AbrahamMeaniing Father of a multitude Abraham the first of the Old Testament patriarchs. God changed it from Abram when He appointed him to be the father of the Hebrew nation. MaleHebrew
AceA nickname given to one who excels: also an English surname meaning noble. Unity. MaleLatin
AceA nickname given to one who excels: also an English surname meaning noble. Unity. MaleLatin
Adahappy, ornamentFemale
AdairFrom the oak tree ford. MaleScottish
Adamearth, created by GodMaleHebrew
AddisonAdam's sonFemaleEnglish
Adelaidenoble kind, adornedFemaleVariant
AdelineSweet: of the nobility. Noble. Female
Adlaimy witness, refuge of godMaleHebrew
Adrianrich, wealthy, dark oneMaleLatin
AdrianaFrom Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.) FemaleLatin
Agathagood, kindFemaleGreek
Agnespure, virginalFemaleGreek
Aidajoyful, helper, rewardFemaleArabic
Aidanhelp, little fireMaleIrish
AikoLove, beloved one, little loveFemaleJapanese
Alanhandsome, cheerful, nobleMaleIrish
Albertnoble and brightMaleEnglish
AletaTruthful OneUnisexGreek

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