Spooky Cat Names, Names That Are Creepy And Scary

Spooky Cat NamesCats were sacred animals originally in ancient Egypt, and they are believed exalted souls, companions or guides for humans. Cats have excellent night vision, and they like walking outside in the night, this makes them mysterious. In many Europe countries, there are some negative superstitions about cats. If you like spooky cat names, you could consider our collection of spooky cat names for your boy or girl kittens, these names are creepy, scary, and mysterious.

Abelbreath, childMaleHebrew
Altairbird, starMaleArabic
Armandof the armyMale
BansheeFemale fairy spirit from Irish Gaelic folklore.Unisex
Barnabasso named for Barnabas Collins of Dark ShadowsMaleAramaic
BeelzebubBee EL zah BUBUnisex
Belanamed after Bela Lugosi and pronounced: BAY-laMaleCzech
Bladeglory, The expanded part of a leaf, particularly grassesMaleWord
Bonesafter doctor in Star TrekUnisex
BorisA fighter, battlerMaleSlavic
BuffyGod's promiseFemaleEnglish
Carmengarden, field of fruit, song. One who has a beautiful voice.FemaleSpanish
CarrieAbbreviation of Carol and Caroline from the masculine Charles meaning manly FemaleEnglish
CasperMaster of the treasureMaleDutch
Chandraafter the East Indian name for moonlightFemaleHindi
Circewitch-goddess, seductiveFemaleGreek
ClaudiaFeminine of Claude. FemaleLatin

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