Spooky Cat Names, Page 5

RavenDark haired or wise FemaleWord
Reganlittle kingFemaleIrish
Ripleyafter the novel and the movie The Talented Mr. RipleyMaleEnglish
Rosemarythe rosemary plantFemaleLatin
SabrinaLegendary princess FemaleCeltic
SalemPeace MaleHebrew
SamanthaA listenerFemaleHebrew
Samaraafter the character in The Ring movieFemaleHebrew
Sasquatchhas extra toes and hence is a bigfootUnisex
ShadowA rough, dark image cast by an object blocking the sun's raysFemaleEnglish
Simonhe who hearsMaleHebrew
SpikeA long, thick sharp-pointed piece of wood or metalMaleAmerican
Styxfrom Greek mythology, the river that formed the boundary between earth and the underworldUnisex
Tabithagazelle, roe-buckFemaleAramaic
TariqMorning star. An 8th century Islamic military leader who conquered Spain for the Moors. MaleArabic
ThingAn entity or idea having it's own existence.Unisex
Vladafter Vlad the ImpalerMaleRussian
WednesdayWoden's dayFemaleEnglish

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