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Midcentury Cat NamesMidcentury brings us a lot of good things, for instance midcentury houses and furnitures, and do not forget midcentury names. These names have a distinct feel that straddles the line between vintage and modern. If you want some classic, vintage and unique cat names, you should not miss these midcentury names. Check out our collection of midcentury cat names and get some different ideas for your beloved kittens.

Aaronshining light, high mountain, messengerMaleHebrew
AbrahamMeaniing Father of a multitude Abraham the first of the Old Testament patriarchs. God changed it from Abram when He appointed him to be the father of the Hebrew nation. MaleHebrew
Adahappy, ornamentFemale
Adamearth, created by GodMaleHebrew
AddieNoble, KindFemaleEnglish
AdelineSweet: of the nobility. Noble. Female
Adolphnoble wolf, noble heroMale
Agnespure, virginalFemaleGreek
Alanhandsome, cheerful, nobleMaleIrish
Albertnoble and brightMaleEnglish
AlbertaFeminine of Albert. Noble: bright. FemaleEnglish
Alex"defending men"MaleEnglish
Alexanderprotector of mankindMaleGreek
Alfredwise counselMaleEnglish
AliceTruth, nobleFemale
AlisonGerman, nobleFemale
AllieOf Noble BirthFemaleGerman
AlmaSpanish for soulFemaleLatin
AltonFrom The Old ManorMaleEnglish
Alvinelf wine, noble friendMaleEnglish
AmandaLovable FemaleLatin
AmosBrave MaleHebrew
AmyBeloved. FemaleLatin
Andrewmanly, valiant, courageousMaleGreek

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