Alberta: Meaning of cat name Alberta

Pronunciation: [Al-ber-ta]

Gender of Alberta: Female

Meaning of Alberta: Feminine of Albert. Noble: bright.

Origin of Alberta: English

A western Canadian province, also a popular type of peach.

Variant Forms:

AlFrom The Name AlbertUnisexGerman
AlFrom The Name AlbertUnisexGerman
AliMuslim - Noble, Exalted, God, little, the highestMaleArabic
AllieOf Noble BirthFemaleGerman
AllyNoble, KindFemaleEnglish
BerryWhite, FairMaleEnglish
BertEnglish, noble, brightMaleEnglish
Bertaglorious, learningUnisex
BertieBrilliant, Illuminated FameMaleEnglish
ElbertinaNoble Female

Famous People Named Alberta:

Alberta Hunter was famous as a blues singer and songwriter.

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