Leader Cat Names, Names After Powerful Figures

Leader Cat NamesIf you are looking for a unique and powerful name for your newborn kitten, a name inspired by a great world leader may be in order. We have collected a list of leader cat names for you, most of the names are inspired from those powerful figures around the globe in history. We believe your little kitten will love the name. Although he is tender and soft now, one day he will grow up to a strong cat.

AbeFather Of A MultitudeMaleHebrew
Adolphnoble wolf, noble heroMale
Adolphus"noble wolf"MaleLatin
Agathagood, kindFemaleGreek
Alanhandsome, cheerful, nobleMaleIrish
Albertnoble and brightMaleEnglish
Alex"defending men"MaleEnglish
Alexanderprotector of mankindMaleGreek
Alfredwise counselMaleEnglish
Alonzonoble, readyMaleItalian
Alvinelf wine, noble friendMaleEnglish
AmericaRuler Of The HomeFemaleEnglish
AmosBrave MaleHebrew
AndreManly; Brave. Variant Of English Andrew.MaleFrench
Andrewmanly, valiant, courageousMaleGreek
Andromedabeautiful maiden rescued by perseusFemaleGreek
AngelaAngel FemaleLatin
Anthony"priceless one"MaleLatin
ArchieOne who is bold MaleEnglish
Armandof the armyMale
ArnoldThe eagle rules. MaleEnglish
ArthurStrong as a rock, noble, follower of ThorMaleCeltic
AugustusMajestic dignity and grandeur. MaleLatin
Barackthunderbolt, lightning; or blessingMaleHebrew

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