Cowboy Cat Names, Names from Cowboys and West

Cowboy Cat NamesIf you like the wild west of American and country side, you may like these cowboy and cowgirl cat names. Cowboy-themed cat names are the perfect mix of an American classic and country flair, they are inspired from western destionation names and famous cowboys and cowgirls. You will feel at home on a farm, or even just living in the wilderness if you pick any of these cowboy cat name for your new kitten.

AbbeyGod Is JoyUnisexEnglish
Abigail"my father is joyful"FemaleHebrew
Abnerfather of lightMaleHebrew
Adamearth, created by GodMaleHebrew
Alexis"defending men"FemaleEnglish
AllieOf Noble BirthFemaleGerman
AmandaLovable FemaleLatin
AmberA hard brownish-yellow fossil resin, precious jewelFemaleWord
AmosBrave MaleHebrew
AngelAngel MaleWord
AngelineHeavenly MessengerFemaleFrench
Angussuperb, uniqueMaleAnglicized
AnnaArthur's sister FemaleGreek
AnnabelBeautiful GraceFemaleScottish
AnniePrayer FemaleEnglish
Antonio"priceless one"MaleSpanish
ArloThe barberry (shrub).MaleSpanish
AudieNoble StrengthUnisexEnglish

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