Bold Cat Names, Names For Brave and Courageous Cats

Bold Cat NamesBold cat names are believed to empower your beloved little kittens, so it is a great idea to choose a bold-sound name for your new adopted cats. We have pulled together a collection of bold cat names for you. These unusual cat names sound bold, powerful, strong and beautiful, they make perfect cat names for your brave and courageous cats.

AlbertaFeminine of Albert. Noble: bright. FemaleEnglish
AliceTruth, nobleFemale
Altairbird, starMaleArabic
Amethysta precious stoneFemale
AntoniaGreek Priceless, Flourishing, FlowerFemaleLatin
Apollothe mythological god of light and truthMaleGreek
ArchibaldBold MaleTeutonic
ArchieOne who is bold MaleEnglish
AriadneGreek mythology, daughter of King Minos of CreteFemaleGreek
ArianaSilver. FemaleItalian
Asherfortunate, lucky, blessed, happyMaleHebrew
BalderViking mythology: The God of lightUnisex
BaldricBold, Powerful, Brave RulerUnisexEnglish
Baldwinbold friendMale
BalthazarOne of the three Wise Men. A bottle of wine that has the equivalant of 12 bottles total. MalePhoenician
Barnabasso named for Barnabas Collins of Dark ShadowsMaleAramaic
Bartholomewfurrow, hillMaleAramaic
Bathshebadaughter of the oathFemaleHebrew
Bentleyfrom the moor, Farm where the grass bendsMaleEnglish
Bernardbold as a bearMale
Blaiseto lisp, stammerMale

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