Bold Cat Names, Page 5

HezekiahGod is my strength MaleHebrew
Holdenhollow valleyMaleEnglish
Howardguardian of the home, watchmanMale
HunterA hunter. One who searches for somethingMaleEnglish
IndiaOf IndiaFemaleEnglish
IndianaIndiana, Usa, Meaning Land Of The IndiansMaleEnglish
IndraGod of rain and thunderFemaleSanskrit
Irisrainbow, a play of coloursFemale
Isabellepledged to GodFemale
IvanForm of JohnMaleRussian
JaceHebrew, the Lord is salvationMaleHebrew
JamieFeminine of JamesFemaleScottish
Janegracious, merciful, God is graciousFemaleEnglish
JasmineFlower FemalePersian
Jasonthe Lord is salvationMaleHebrew
JasperBlack stone MalePersian
JasperBlack stone MalePersian
JasperBlack stone MalePersian
Jensonson of JensMaleScandinavian
JettJet Black GemMaleEnglish
Joannaafter the character in The Rescuers Down Under cartoonFemaleEnglish

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