Whimsical Cat Names, Page 5

Cosettelittle thingFemale
CrashTo smash into things, to break or dash to pieces. To join a party without invitation.Unisex
Cyrillordly, proudMaleGreek
DahliaFlower Named For Botanist A. DahlFemaleGreek
DaiquiriRum and fruit cocktailUnisex
DaisyDay's eye. A flower name. Female
DaisyDay's eye. A flower name. Female
DakotaFriend: ally. Tribal name. FemalePlace-name
DallasDwells by the waterfall MalePlace-name
DaltonFrom the farm in the dale MaleEnglish
DanaeGod Is My JudgeFemaleFrench
DanielleGod is my judge FemaleHebrew
Daphnelaurel, bay tree, victoryFemaleGreek
Darbyfrom the deer estateMaleIrish
DebbieBee. Deborah was the Biblical prophetess who summoned Barak to battle against an army of invaders. After the battle she wrote a victory song which is part of the Book of Judges. FemaleShort
December12Th MonthMaleEnglish
DelilahDesired. Languishing. The Biblical Delilah tempted Samson into revealing the secret of his superhuman strength. FemaleArabic
DenaliGreat OneMaleHindu
DestinyDestiny, FateFemaleEnglish
DiamondIn The RoughFemale

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