Whimsical Cat Names, Page 12

Olympiaof Mount Olympus, heavenlyFemaleGreek
OpheliaSerpentine FemaleGreek
OswaldDivinely powerful MaleEnglish
Pandoratalented oneFemaleGreek
PaprikaSpicy powder made from sweet red peppers.Unisex
Parkercultivated landMaleEnglish
Pascalborn at EasterMale
PaxtonFrom the peaceful farm MaleLatin
PearlPrecious jewel. A hard, rounded gem, usually white in colourFemaleLatin
PenelopeDream weaver FemaleGreek
Peonyflower nameFemale
Peregrinetraveler, pilgrimMaleLatin
PetalA section of a flowerFemaleGreek
PeytonFrom The Fighter's FarmFemaleEnglish
Pikepike, a fishMale
PixieA fairy like creature. Playful and mischievousFemaleSwedish
PixieA fairy like creature. Playful and mischievousFemale
Posya bunch of flowersFemaleEnglish
PreciousOne who is beloved, a darling.FemaleLatin
Presleypriest's meadowUnisex

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