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CrystalVariant of Christiana. Follower of Christ. Female
Curtiscourteous, politeMale
Cyrillordly, proudMaleGreek
DaiseyDay`S Eye. A Flower Name.UnisexEnglish
DaisyDay's eye. A flower name. Female
DaisyDay's eye. A flower name. Female
DakotaFriend: ally. Tribal name. FemalePlace-name
DaleLives in the valley MaleEnglish
Daliaa branch, to draw waterFemaleHebrew
DallasDwells by the waterfall MalePlace-name
DaltonFrom the farm in the dale MaleEnglish
DanielleGod is my judge FemaleHebrew
DannyGod Is My JudgeUnisexEnglish
Darcy from ArcyMaleEnglish
DarrylOf Airelle, FranceUnisexEnglish
DaveDavid's son MaleShort
DavidDearly loved MaleHebrew
DavisDavid's son MaleSurname
DawnEarly riser FemaleWord
Dawsonson of DavidMaleWelsh
Deaconservent, messengerMaleGreek
DeanFrom the valley.MaleEnglish
DebbyHoney BeeUnisexEnglish
Deboraha bee, to speak kind wordsFemaleHebrew.

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