Western Cat Names, Page 5

BroncoA wild horseMaleSpanish
Bronsonson of Brown, son of the dark-skinned oneMaleEnglish
Brookesmall streamFemaleEnglish
Brooksof the brookMaleEnglish
Brucethicket, woodlandsMaleScottish
Bryanstrong, virtuous, and honorableMaleEnglish
BryceSon of a nobleman MaleEnglish
BuckA fleet footed youth. Male deer.MaleEnglish
BuddyFrom Budd - The welcome messenger.MaleEnglish
BuddyFrom Budd - The welcome messenger.MaleEnglish
BusterOne that breaks up somethingMaleModern
ButchMasculine in appearance or manner.MaleNickname
Byronafter Lord ByronMaleEnglish
CalLatin, bald, hairlessMaleEnglish
CalebThe bold oneMaleHebrew
Candacewhite-hot, glowing, glitteringFemaleLatin
CandyConfectionery made with sugar.FemaleEnglish
Carolinafree manFemaleEnglish
Carolinestrong, melody, songFemale
CarrieAbbreviation of Carol and Caroline from the masculine Charles meaning manly FemaleEnglish

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