20 Female Cat Names Meaning Lucky or Fortune

Are you looking for some female cat names meaning lucky or fortune? Here comes our collection of lucky female cat names. All of these cat names have the meanings of lucky or fortune in various origins, check out this list of 20 female cat names for your lucky kittens.

Evangeline: Latin for "good news".

Falecia: Lucky in Latin.
Fausta: Lucky in Italian.
Faustina: Latin for "lucky, fortunate".
Fayola: Lucky in African.
Felice: French form of Felicia, meaning "happy" or "lucky."
Felisa: Italian form of Felicia, meaning "happy" or "lucky."
Flick: Lucky.
Fortuna: Lucky in Spanish.
Gluke: Variant spelling of Yiddish Glucke, meaning "good luck."
Gwyneth: Welsh name derived from the word gwynaeth, meaning "luck, happiness."
Halona: Native American for "of happy fortune".
Laima: Lithuanian name meaning "luck." Also a goddess of fortune in mythology.
Maimun: Lucky in Arabic.
Mazal: Lucky in Hebrew.
Sadiya: Lucky in Arabic.
Seven: Number seven, considered a lucky or sacred number in many traditions.
Ventura: Spanish for "good fortune".
Yuki: Lucky in Japanese.
Zada: Arabic for "prosperous, fortunate".

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