20 Male Cat Names Meaning Lucky or Fortune

Are you looking for some male cat names meaning lucky or fortune? Here comes our collection of lucky male cat names. All of these cat names have the meanings of lucky or fortune in various origins, check out this list of 20 male cat names for your lucky kittens.

Asad: Arabic name meaning "luckier."

Chance: Lucky in English.
Ennio: Italian form of Roman Latin Ennius, possibly meaning "predestined" or "favorite of God."
Faton: Variant spelling of Albanian Fatjon, meaning "our destiny; our fortune."
Faust: Short form of Roman Latin Faustus, meaning "lucky." In the German classic legend, Faust was a character who made a pact with the Devil.
Faustino: Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of Roman Latin Faustinus, meaning "lucky."
Felice: Italian form of Latin Felix, meaning "happy" or "lucky." Compare with feminine Felice.
Feliciano: Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of Roman Latin Felicianus, meaning "happy" or "lucky."
Felix: Latin name meaning "happy" or "lucky." In the bible, this is the name of a Roman procurator of Judea.
Fortune: Lucky in English.
Gad: Lucky in Hebrew.
Gaddiel: Anglicized form of Hebrew Gaddiyel, meaning "God is my fortune." In the bible, this is the name of one of the twelve scouts sent by Moses to explore the Promised Land.
Hazard: French for "chance, luck".
Lucky: Pet form of English Luke, meaning "from Lucania." In some cases it may come directly from the vocabulary word, meaning simply "lucky."
Madoc: Welsh for "little fortunate one".
Magar: Lucky in Armenian.
Onni: Finnish name meaning "luck."
Peli: Basque form of Latin Felix, meaning "happy" or "lucky."
Sudi: Egyptian name meaning "lucky."
Veasna: Cambodian Khmer name meaning "good fortune; opportunity."

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