30 Male Egyptian Cat Names

Cats were first domesticated in ancient Egypt to get rid of cats and rodents from the royal granaries. The study shows that every cat can be traced back to five African wildcats from the Middle East in 8000 BC.

Egyptian cat names are beautiful, unique and different, and they are becoming more and more popular today. The Egyptians associated the cats with a number of gods and goddesses. Check out the below list for unique male Egyptian cat names.

Akins: Brave.

Alu: Child-like.
Ammon: Egyptian god of mystery and hieroglyphs.
Anubis: God of the afterlife. An excellent name for a black cat.
Apophis: God depicted as a snake, enemy of Ra.
Aten: Sun.
Baba: The first son of Osiris.
Baniti: Teacher.
Baraka: A blessing.
Bes: Bringer of joy. God Bess was always portrayed as fat, rude, bug-eyed, hairy, with a drooling tongue.
Geb: He was the father of all subsequent gods, and he was also the Earth God.
Hapi: Another fat god of the Nile, the God of Prosperity of the Crops.
Horus: The most complex and important Egyptian god, he was the God of the rising sun, the sky and war.

Min: Egyptian fertility god.
Nassor: Triumphant, victorious.
Nile: The famous river.
Nuru: Child of the light.
Osiris: The God of Religion, Civilization, Law, Commerce, and Success.
Qeb: God of the Eath.
Ra: The most supreme god. He ruled all rights, rituals, and spells.
Sebek: One of the gods of the underworld, he was depicted as a cocodrile.
Set: God of darkness and evil.
Seti: Name of two pharaohs.
Shai: A guardian angel.
Shalam: Egyptian greeting.
Shu: The God of the Sky and Atmosphere.
Sphinx: A lion with a human head.
Thoth: God of Secret Intellect, Wisdom, Magic, Geometry, Higher Mathematics, Books, and Learning.
Uro: A king.
Wati: Rebellious.

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