30 Female Egyptian Cat Names

Egypt is considered as the ancient and sacred home of cats. Cats were first domesticated in ancient Egypt to get rid of cats and rodents from the royal granaries. Cats have been a big part of Egyptian history, culture, and heritage.

If you want to give your newborn female kitten a Egyptian cat name, you could consider choosing one from this list of 30 unique female Egyptian cat names. Many of the Egyptian names are associated with gods and goddesses. We hope you will find your unusual and unique kitten name here.

Aisha: Peaceful.

Akila: Smart, intelligent.
Amenti: Goddess of the Land of the West known for her beauty.
Amisi: Flower.
Anukis: Goddess of the Nile.
Auseth: An alternate name of the supreme goddess Isis.
Bast: Beautiful black cat goddess, mother of all cats.
Buto: Goddess of protection, usually depicted as a cobra-headed woman. Also known as the Goddess of the Heaven and North.
Dalila: Sweet, gentle, peaceful.
Ebe: Wonderful.
Femi: Love.
Hasina: Good.
Hathor: Goddess of Love and Guardian and Protector of Women.
Hebony: Black.
Heket: Goddess of Resurrection, Childbirth, and Fertility.
Isis: Goddess of fertility and motherhood.
Jamila: Beautiful.
Kanika: Black.
Kepi: Tempestuous.
Kiwu: Obese.
Layla: Born during the night.
Merit: Much-loved.
Miu: Gentle.
Mut: Goddess of the heavens.
Nafre: Good.
Nile: The famous river.
Nubia: From the region of Nubia.
Nut: Goddess of the sky.
Safiya: Pure.
Selma: Safe.

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