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Meganmighty, strong able, pearlFemaleEnglish
Michaelwho is like GodMaleHebrew
MickHebrew, who is like God?MaleEnglish
MickeyAbbreviation of Michael and Micah Who is like God? MaleEnglish
MidgetA small or miniature versionUnisex
MikeHebrew, who is like God?MaleEnglish
Mikibeautiful treeFemaleJapanese
Moselletaken from waterFemaleHebrew
NatHebrew, givenMaleEnglish
Newportnew portMaleEnglish
NickVariation of Dominic, belonging to the LordMaleEnglish
OwenYoung fighter MaleWelsh
Paigepage to a lordFemaleEnglish
PeteA rock. Form of Peter. MaleEnglish
PeterA rock. Peter the biblical fisherman and apostle had impulsive nature and rocklike faith. In Catholic tradition he is the first pope. MaleGreek
Philliplover of horsesMaleGreek
PhyllisA green branch. FemaleGreek
Rickydominant or peaceful rulerMaleEnglish
RobertFamed: bright: shining. 14th-century King Robert the Bruce. Robert Burns the poet. MaleEnglish
Rochellefrom the little rockFemale
RolfFame, WolfUnisexGerman
SageAromatic grayish-green herb. Wise or experienced person.Female

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