Surfer Cat Names, Page 2

Chelseariver landing place, portFemale
Chrisone who carries ChristMaleEnglish
Clayadhere, mortalMaleEnglish
CocoA pet name. FemaleSpanish
CocoA pet name. FemaleSpanish
CocoA pet name. FemaleSpanish
CoralGreek for small stone. Sincere or from the sea. Marine animal whose skeletons form coral reefs.FemaleNature
CorkyLively, buoyant.Unisex
DaleLives in the valley MaleEnglish
DamianTame MaleGreek
DamienCalm, TameUnisexFrench
Danefrom DenmarkMaleEnglish
DaveDavid's son MaleShort
DavidDearly loved MaleHebrew
Daxfrom Deep Space NineMale
DennisNamed for Saint Denys Male
Derekand brother Domino, from the '70s rock group Derek and the DominoesMaleEnglish
DeweyDiminutive of Dafydd, Welsh variation of DavidMaleAnglicized
Donaldruler of the world, brown strangerMaleScottish
Drewsturdy, visionMaleEnglish
DukeHighest ranking noblemanMaleEnglish
EddieFrom Edward - Prosperous guardianMaleEnglish
EricaHonorable RulerFemaleScandinavian
FinnBlond MaleIrish

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